Restarting My Tennis Career on a Budget Under $200


Ever wondered what tennis gear to buy when you're just starting out? Well, worry no more! In the video above on Cade handpicked the best beginner gear on TennisZon and the best part? It's all under $200!

The Racket: Dunlop CX 200 LS - $100

Cade recommends the Dunlop CX 200 LS racket, a lighter option perfect for beginners. While a Pure Drive or Pure Aero might be ideal if money isn't an issue, the Dunlop is a budget-friendly, quality choice.

The Shoes: Nike Men's Vapor Lite 2 Premium - $57

For court movement and stability, Cade suggests the Nike Vapor Lite 2 Premium. Affordable, yet reliable, these court shoes will keep you grounded and safe as you start your tennis journey.

The Strings: Head Synthetic Gut - $4

With strings, simplicity is key for beginners. Cade opts for Head Synthetic Gut, an economical yet effective choice. It provides comfort, power, and is beginner-friendly.

The Grip: Wilson Pro Overgrip - $8

To complete your setup, a good grip is essential. Cade recommends the Wilson Pro Overgrip, providing a comfortable and secure feel for your racket handle.

Total Cost: $169

If you're on a tight budget, this setup gives you a solid racket, reliable shoes, durable strings, and a quality grip—all for under $200! Visit TennisZon and use the code MPTENNIS10 for an extra 10% off.

But, if you're willing to spend a bit more for an upgraded experience:

Upgrade Option: Head Boom MP racket, Adidas Men's CourtJam Control shoes, Head Velocity strings, Yonex Moist Super Grip, Total Cost: $234

This setup offers a slightly pricier but enhanced experience with a more advanced racket, comfortable Adidas shoes, versatile strings, and a different grip for those who prefer variety.

Whether you choose the budget-friendly or upgraded option, Cade's guide ensures you get the most bang for your buck. So, gear up, hit the court, and enjoy the game of tennis without breaking the bank! 🚀🎾

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