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The Head Prestige Pro Auxetic Racquet is a high-end tennis racquet that is designed to give professional players the edge they need to take their game to the next level. It was released just recently, and it has already created a huge buzz in the tennis world. As someone who has been playing tennis for many years, I was eager to try out the new racquet and see if it could help me improve my game. In this blog post, I will be providing a comprehensive review of the Head Prestige Pro Auxetic Racquet, and I will also be discussing whether it is worth the investment and if I would consider switching my current racquet to this one.

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If you're a tennis player looking for a new racquet to add to your arsenal, the new Head Prestige Pro Auxetic racquet is one to consider. In this review, we'll dive into the cosmetics and performance of the racquet to determine if it's worth switching to.

First off, let's talk about the cosmetics of the racquet. The Head Prestige Pro Auxetic has a sleek and modern design, with black and neon yellow accents that give it a sharp and eye-catching appearance. The graphics and overall design are well done and really stand out on the court. In terms of cosmetics, I'd give this racquet an A grade.

Now let's move on to the racquet's performance on the court. I've graded the Head Prestige Pro Auxetic on forehands, backhands, slices, volleys, overheads, serves, and returns, to give you an overall idea of how it performs across different aspects of the game.

Forehands: B

The Head Prestige Pro Auxetic's open string pattern really helps with hitting flat power on forehands. I found myself able to hit deeper and more penetrating shots with this racquet.

Backhands: B+

The Auxetic technology in the frame helped me generate more power on my backhands, and the racquet's stability made it easier to control shots. The open string pattern also helped me hit some nice topspin backhands.

Slices: A+

The Head Prestige Pro Auxetic's denser string pattern made my slices feel amazing, and I was able to hit some sharp and well-placed slices.

Volleys: A-

The racquet's stability and maneuverability make it perfect for quick volleys. I was able to get good depth and control on my volleys, and the racquet's design helped me keep the ball low and on target.

Overheads: A-

The Head Prestige Pro Auxetic's power and maneuverability made it easy to hit controlled overheads. I wasn't able to generate power like I can with my Extreme Tour, but I felt confident hitting overheads with accuracy.

Serves: B+

The Head Prestige Pro Auxetic is an exceptional racquet for accurate serving. The Auxetic technology made it easy to hit all the serves with accuracy and control, but was just missing a bit of pop.

Returns: A+

The Head Prestige Pro Auxetic's denser string pattern made it slightly harder to hit clean returns, but with some practice, I was able to adjust and hit some solid returns.


Overall, I was extremely impressed with the Head Prestige Pro Auxetic racquet's performance on the court. Its design is top-notch, and its performance across different aspects of the game is exceptional.

The Head Prestige Pro Auxetic is an exceptional racquet that delivers on all fronts, from its design to its performance on the court. If you're in the market for a new racquet, this one is definitely worth considering.

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